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BBC Northwest Tonight Live report from Delph 2014

  • Whit Friday Experience

    The Experience
    Take part in the Whit Friday Experience, unique throughout the world to Saddleworth. With over 50 years experience we can show you the real "Whit Friday", including of course the world famous

    "Whit Friday Band Contest" in which you will take part.

    Sample Saddleworth hospitality in the heart of Brass Band Country. We offer executive air-conditioned coaches throughout your stay, accommodation at quality 3 - 4 star hotels or places to suit your finances. We offer visits to traditional village pubs and restaurants to sample the fayre, personal couriers throughout and the personal service of Champion Brass throughout your stay.
    We will meet your special needs or requirements and of course offer you the "personal touch" at unbeatable prices you can afford.

  • Tour Package

    + Executive air-conditioned
    + Bed and Breakfast packages
        additional meal packages
        available tailored to the
        duration of your stay
    + All Whit Friday
    + Your own personal courier
    + All concert arrangements
       and promotions
    + All sightseeing
    + Visits to local band rooms
       and possible visits to Black
       Dyke,Brighouse & Rastrick,
       Grimethorpe can be
    + The personal services of
       Champion Brass

    - Travel to the UK
    - Any Insurance
    - Any meals or drinks other
      than stated